Here come the news!

This quick update will answer most of your questions and let you know where we stand with our manufacturing ramp-up and delivery schedule.

We have been quite busy with the certification of our battery which officially operates now in temperatures as low as -40°C, according to EverBlix, one of the main companies specialized in measurements of electronical components and Bluetooth technology!

As well as battery, EverBlix has certified that Ze Tracker's components operate perfectly in temperatures as low as -40°C!

Finally, the power of Bluetooth emissions stay stable on all the temperatures range.

Our case is now more shockproof than ever with no compromise regarding functionality. We have also made some improvements so that the battery case can easily fit in the main case and be replaced when there is low power.
3M stickers will still fix your skis even in case of heavy falls.
The iOS and Android apps are currently designed to be evolutive, in order to update them whenever we want with improvements and new great features. Ze Tracker includes a software which enables remote updates.

  • May-September: Supply chain finalization
    Retailer presentation
    Mass production
  • December: bring to market

Thank you for supporting Ze Tracker and trusting us!
Please keep spreading the news, we've got more great stuffs coming soon!